Bestseller Author Spotlight FAQs

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How do I register for event?

Go to

What are the details for the event?

Bestseller Author Spotlight
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (SST)
The Fairmont San Francisco, Atop Nob Hill
950 Mason St 
San Francisco, CA 94108

What is the cost of registration if you don’t purchase the two books?

The cost of registration is $40. The book prices range from 9.99 to 19.95 (with the average price being $14.95), so when you buy two books you will be spending less than the registration price.

Will you send an e-mail to let us know what books are available for purchase?

Yes, you will get an email on October 30th at 12:01 with the links for the books available for purchase.

Is there anyway to get advance notice about the books/authors/ the content prior to October 30th?

Yes, we are announcing  authors and book titles on October 22. You must register to receive these emails and special updates.

How many books will we have to choose from?

We have 8 featured authors, so there will be 8 books to choose from the following categories:

Dating, Marketing, Women in Politics, Parenting, Psychology, Self-Help, Home Construction/Remodel, Self-Esteem.

What is the range in cost?

Books will range from $9.99 to $19.95, with the average cost being $14.95.

What is the dress code?

Business attire/ cocktail.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions for the FAQs.

What are the parking options?

Nob Hill Parking Garages

Valet parking is also available at the hotel main entrance for the convenience of registered hotel guests only. The Fairmont Garage offers valet parking service (with limited spaces available) for the general public 24 hrs daily.

The Fairmont Hotel Garage

Powell & California Streets – (415) 772-5223

Valet parking for guests is $54 USD per night including unlimited access

Parking for visitors is $5 USD for every twenty minutes with a 24-hour maximum of $54 USD

Hybrid Rate: $43.20 (20% off of $54) – Parking fees are subject to a 14% city tax

The BrockleBank Garage

1040 Sacramento Street (Between Powell and Mason Street) – (415) 391-1378

Hours: Mon-Fri: 6 am-9 pm/ Sat: 8 am-12 am

Rates: $5.00/20 Minutes, $26.00/ 12 Hours, $38.00 Daily Maximum (24 hours) – Compact Vehicles (Incl. Tax)

$45.00 All Other Size Vehicles (Includes Tax) – $400.00/ Month

Early Bird Special: In By 10AM, Out By 6:30 PM; Flat Rate $10.00

The Masonic Auditorium Garage

1111 California Street – (415) 474-1567

Rates: $2.00/ 15 Minutes, $8.00/ Hour, $30.00 Maximum per 24 Hours

Early Bird $11.00: in between 5:00am-10:00am, out by 6:00pm, Mon-Fri only

Monthly Parking: No pro-rating

 Reserved Stall: $330 per month- Unreserved Stall: $300 per month

The Metro Parking Garage/Crocker

1045 California Street – (415) 777-4042

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours

Rates: $5.75/15 mins, $36.00/ 12 hours, $16.00/ additional hour, $325.00/ month

24-Hour Full Size Rate: $50 (pay in advance, with in & out privileges).

Regular 24-hour rate doesn’t include in & out privileges but must be paid in advance as well.
Nob Hill Spa – $15 for the first 3 hours, with validation.

The Grace Cathedral Parking Garage

1051 Taylor Street – (415) 749-6300

Hours: Mon-Thu 5.30 am-12am, Fri: 5.30am – 2am, Sat: 6am-2am, Sun: 6am-12am

Rates: $2.50/ 20 Minutes, $27.00 Maximum (Includes Tax)/ 24hours

No In & Out Privileges

Early Bird Special $11.00:  Mon.-Sat. In By 6:30AM-10AM;

Sun. In By 6:30AM – 10AM. Leave No Later Than 6PM


Imperial Parking (Specific For Oversized Trucks)

SBC Park Stadium

This Garage Is Not Walking Distance From The Hotel

(415) 395- 0920

$35.00 Per 24 Hours

All Of The Above Garage Operations Reserve The Right To Change Posted Parking Rates Without Notice.

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